How to apply for the loan for pensioners?


How to make the request to obtain the loan of the Pension? Who to ask for the form necessary for this request? What documents should be attached to the application? Who can request it? How long does it take to get the answer?

To apply for the loan of the pension , you must first contact the competent social security institution, usually the INPS , requesting certification of the pension, a document that highlights both the monthly net pension that is received, and the transferable portion , or how much monthly installment can be paid according to the net pension itself. This calculation is done in compliance with current legislation.

The documentation request must be made at INPS because this institution manages the pensions of ex-workers in the public and private sectors.

Once you have this document, you can contact the financial company or the bank that most inspires confidence or the one that offers the best conditions on the market and apply for funding.

Documents to apply for the loan of the Pension

Documents to apply for the loan of the Pension

The documents to be provided, in addition to the documentation issued by the social security institution, are an identity card or passport and a copy of the tax code. No explanation should be given of the reason for applying for the loan.

Once you find the best conditions on the market, all you have to do is ask and wait for the answer, which usually arrives within 24/48 working hours (it also depends on the amount requested, since usually larger amounts correspond to longer times).

What is the loan for pension?

What is the loan for pension?

The loan of the pension is the classic loan requested by those who enjoy? of a retirement pension to obtain loans for the elderly , and needs financing to be able to make any type of purchase that it may need. It is a loan granted expressly and very simply, by virtue of the guarantees that a pensioner can give to a bank or a financial company, specifically provided by the monthly pension.

The advantages are undoubted and allow retirees up to 80 or 90 years of age to apply for a loan. Obviously, the higher the age of the applicant, the higher the relative interest rate to be paid, since the financial company runs a greater risk.

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