Debt consolidation with the transfer of the fifth

New liquidity to organize the marriage of the son and decide to request the assignment of the fifth.

Mr. Ronny therefore has 3 financials open and pays three different installments each month. Making a quick calculation he decides to consolidate all these debts in a single installment. That is, he decides to extinguish them all in advance and to take out a single loan:

  • with lower interest rate;
  • a lower monthly installment;
  • a longer period of time.

In this way, Mr. Ronny will enjoy a decidedly more sustainable financial situation.


Debt Consolidation: How It Works?

Debt Consolidation: How It Works

As seen, it can happen that over time multiple monthly payment deadlines accumulate or it can happen that the financial situation varies with time: a family member can lose his job unexpectedly, etc.

In all these cases, just go to a credit institution that offers debt consolidation service like Loan Us Finance. In our branches you can get a quote with a personalized plan at the best market rates. After the conclusion of the contract, we will take care of everything: we will handle the closure procedures of the old financial plans for you and you will not have to worry about anything.


When debt consolidation pays off

When debt consolidation pays off

  • Debt consolidation is a financial instrument that avoids the over-indebtedness of households;
  • It allows to renegotiate the debt at more advantageous rates than the stipulation of the first contract, for example, today the market has almost negligible interests compared to a few years ago;
  • It allows you to request a funded capital increase and thus obtain additional liquidity;
  • Turn many short-term debt into one long-term, lower installment plan.


Debt Consolidation and Bad Payers

Debt Consolidation and Bad Payers

Opting for debt consolidation can also be a valid solution for those who, in spite of themselves, have interrupted a financial repayment plan in the past and have proven to be a bad payer. Unfortunately, late payment of the installments enroll the debtor in the CRIF lists and this can be a cause of discomfort for those who find themselves forced into insolvency.

Nobody can predict the future, Mr. Ronny mentioned above may have lost his brilliant job and found, in the immediate future, another job less rewarding from an economic point of view. Using debt consolidation allows you to extinguish the contracts that caused the report to CRIF and, after the necessary time has elapsed, allows you to cancel your name as a bad payer on those lists.

To receive a free estimate on a customized debt consolidation plan (even in the case of assignment of the current one or in the event of reports to the CRIF), just ask for an interview with one of our consultants: our team of professionals will offer you customized solutions, simple and safe.