The best loans for sale

The sales are here and many are anxiously awaiting your arrival to renew your closet for the hot summer season. It is a good opportunity to get something we need more economically.

That the money is not an inconvenience to be able to buy that garment of clothes that you want so much or the last reduced model of some computer. Here we talk about the possibility of buying these sales even without having the necessary economic capacity for it, at that time.

We present the most common credit options

We present the most common credit options

Credit cards

One of the most common and best-working options is the use of credit cards for the purchase of products during the sales season. This can be an effective tool to meet the sum of expenses that we can go shopping. But we must take into account the cost of interest.

Defer payment

Another option, not highly recommended, is to postpone the debt and pay it in installments. This option generates considerable monthly interest by overheating the final cost of the purchased product or service that we have decided to extend in installments.

Deferred Debit

This credit option allows us to accumulate the total cost of purchases made during the month and pay everything in one payment on a stipulated date that is regularly at the end of the month or early next.

The positive is that it does not generate any interest

The positive is that it does not generate any interest

Cards with return on purchases

These are cards that offer a type of bonus for purchase made. They are an increasingly common option in banks, being a striking to make purchases with them.

Financial entities

There are credit institutions that help finance this type of purchase during rebates with fast fast credits instantly. Companies like:

  • Good Finance: Offers personal financing of $ 300 for the first time and up to $ 600 for the second loan.
  • Good Credit: Offers fast credits of up to $ 2500 in 24 hours to be returned within a maximum period of 24 months without endorsement.
  • E-Money: Offers up to $ 800 of financing in 15 minutes with a 30-day return period.
  • E-cash: You can get up to $ 15,000 in a personal credit.